Winter Wonderland

Yellowstone National Park is beautiful in winter. Sure, most of the roads are closed to vehicle traffic. Snow coaches are available, however, to some beautiful locations such as Old Faithful. And the northern road from Gardiner to Silver Gate is open. Four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires make the trek more secure. Wildlife is abundant in this northern section of the park, since it’s a bit lower in elevation and the snow is not quite as deep. It’s a wonderful experience watching the wildlife in this winter wonderland, and observing how they find food in the snow.

This bull elk was grazing adjacent to the main road. As in the summer, some visitors fail to recognize the importance of keeping their distance from wildlife. While I was taking photos of this beautiful creature, a visitor tried to approach the elk to feed him an apple. I asked him to stop before he ended up in a trauma center from those huge antlers.
Yellowstone bull elk in winter

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